retired retiree retirement happyretired 退休 樂活

會員號碼 HR0033888
年齡 56 - 61歲
在職狀況 半退休
經驗與專長類別 Financial Planning 財務規劃
Project management 項目管理
Editing & Proofreading 編輯與校對
Grant Writing 申請書寫作
Web Content 網站內容寫作
General Translation 一般翻譯
Customer Service 客戶服務
Other - Customer Service 客戶服務(其他)
Business development 業務發展
Mainland business development 內地業務發展
Teacher 教師
Tutorial 補習
曾任行業 Corporate & retail banking
曾任職位 Associate director
工作內容 / 經驗 (1)曾任職滙豐銀行、中國工商銀行共超過20年。
學歷 大專
專長 / 技能 流利粵語、國語、英文 / 漢語拼音 / Microsoft Office
個人簡介 My working experience:

(1)HSBC (1988-1998):
(1.1) Customer Service Officer, Retail Banking responsible for opening new personal accounts, handling customer enquiries on bank services and products, selling bank products, investment and insurance products.
(1.2) A manager of Retail Marketing & Planning Department responsible for formulating new bank products, retail banking incentive program to boost business expansion and enhance quality customer service and deliver its launch conference.

(2)Self-employed (1998-2004): Trading of alkaline ionizer (電解水機) made in Japan to China and Hong Kong.

(3)ICBC (Asia) Ltd (2004-2015): Associate Director, Corporate Banking responsible for building corporate customer portfolio inclusive of China state-owned enterprises, listed companies in Hong Kong and China, private corporate in Hong Kong and China to achieve lending, deposit and other banking products targets of the bank.

(4)Freelance translator (2008-present)

(5) Speaker of Corporate Finance seminars.(2015-present)
期望時薪 (HKD) Negotiable
偏好工作地區 油尖旺區
期望工作模式 受僱, 自僱, 自由工作者
(*) 機構聘請 - 刊登工作(Part-time/Freelance),招募新中年人才。詳情請【按此】
(*) 個人會員 - 填寫工作經驗及專長,退而不休。請【按此】註冊。